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Telephone 1: (+57) 310 452 24 27


Artista profesional - Ryu Usuka
Medellín - Antioquia


Andrés Felipe Usuga López, born in Medellín - Antioquia (Colombia) on May 30, 1983 was raised in Urabá for 18 years and currently lives in Medellín, has earned his recognition for being an innate artist with skills in drawing, the Arts Martial arts and animation, where in his tour he complemented his childhood nickname "Ryu" by combining it with his surname and calling himself by his new nickname: "RYU USUKA".


Usuga, as his colleagues call him or Ryu as his friends call him, is someone quiet, friendly, good companion, good friend, conversationalist when they are subjects of his liking, a very patient, creative, crazy, active nature and a rare specimen...


His artistic growth has been thanks to the experiences cultivated in the field of martial arts, esotericism and the art of drawing accompanied by cartoons, comics and 2D animation, allowed him to meet great beings that were influencing his personal growth, professional and spiritual, which is deeply grateful for them and them, and is also ready to have the doors open to pleasant people who contribute a lot as a person and professionally, also hopes to contribute much in all those who need it.